Imagine an elegant banquet room. There are 600 guests seated at tables, and they’re about to dine on perfectly prepared steaks and colorful side dishes. They will enjoy crisp salads and buttery dinner rolls, not to mention dreamy, decadent desserts. Expert chefs spent many hours creating this amazing meal. The only thing left to do is clean up the kitchen. There is a small bounty of untouched, beautiful food that will never see the surface of the evening’s banquet plates. Fortunately, it’s destined for a higher purpose—a way to love thy neighbor, so to speak.

Love thy neighbor with great taste, no waste

North Carolina’s Grove Park Inn is host to the Certified Angus Beef ® brand’s 2019 Annual Conference, which celebrates the achievements and milestones of the brand’s farm and ranching families, restaurant and retail partners, and product distributors. Exquisite meals are a hallmark of the annual celebration, and each dining experience showcases the delectable beef products, food trends and the culinary talents of guest chefs.

Are there leftovers? Yes, and the local community will share in the bounty. The Certified Angus Beef ® brand donates extra food and beef products to Food Connection Asheville and Western North Carolina (WNC) Rescue Ministries.

Food Connection relieves hunger in the community while reducing food waste. The organization connects surplus, freshly prepared meals with people who don’t have enough to eat. It also collects the surplus fresh meals from restaurants, caterers and institutions. Volunteers deliver them to community partners. Those partners then offer meals to those in need. It’s a massive effort that reduces food waste and fills bellies. Currently, Food Connection operates in Buncombe County, including the cities of Asheville, Swannanoa and Black Mountain, N.C. The organization is also a fixture in Charlotte.

WNC Rescue Ministries helps people in crisis to recover and restore their lives. It serves daily meals and provides beds to those who need shelter. The organization also offers free residential addiction programs. As a whole, WNC equips people for success with life skills and job training, and empowers those who are struggling.

The Certified Angus Beef ® brand is humbled to contribute to these missions.

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