As podcasts have become one of the most popular storytelling platforms, the Certified Angus Beef ® brand is excited to launch “Meat Speak,” a podcast focused with chefs and meat geeks in mind.

Hosted by Chef Tony Biggs, director of culinary arts, and Bryan Schaaf, chef liaison, episodes will feature leaders within the culinary and meat communities, sharing in-depth conversations on topics ranging from meat science to culinary trends. While some may expect beef, in particular, to be the main topic of discussion, Schaaf wants listeners to expand their mindset.

“We are not just talking about beef. We want to cover topics relating to food, science and many of the things that live in the minds of our guests and listeners who have had long careers in the culinary world, kitchens and meat labs,” Schaaf says.

The addition of a podcast to the brand’s efforts has been under consideration for years, and now that it’s here, Matt Shoup, manager of culinary brand loyalty, thinks it will quickly make a positive impact.

“Our goal is to be a resource for our listeners, but in an entertaining format,” Shoup says. “We want to provide informative content that impacts our audience, causing it to think or converse about the topics talked about, but also share our passion—and have a lot of fun doing it.”

Launching with a trailer and a bank of meat-centric episodes, Biggs and Schaaf will give listeners a taste for what’s to come. In future episodes, listeners can expect to hear from culinary innovators, like innovative chefs Jeremy Umansky and Brett Sawyer (both of Cleveland, Ohio), revered barbecue pitmasters, like Barrett Black (Lockhart, Texas) and Chris Lilly (Decatur, Ala.), and legendary culinary thought leaders, like Rick Tramonto (Chicago, Ill.) and John Folse (New Orleans, La.).

“We wanted to launch with more ‘meaty’ episodes, giving first-time listeners a chance to sink their teeth into the content we are providing,” Schaaf shares. “Following the launch, we are excited to bring a variety of experts to share and discuss topics they are passionate about, because our audience will likely be interested, too.”

To listen or subscribe to “Meat Speak,” go to Apple Podcast, Spotify and Google Play. More information is also available on the Meat Speak web page.