International business doesn’t mean meeting someone on the other side of the globe anymore. It’s neighbors and friends, co-workers and family members.

To understand more about the brand’s global consumers, Gebran Charbine, vice president of international and multicultural brand marketing, and his team focus on learning more about Certified Angus Beef customers in different parts of the world.

“Consumer preference is different worldwide, but everyone loves great-tasting beef and a great beef eating experience,” Charbine says. “Our job is to connect and enhance the lives of people in more than 50 different countries and the United States as the industry’s most trusted beef brand.”

Initiating demographic research in Japan, results showed that the Certified Angus Beef ® brand is most popular among 20- to 34-year olds making grocery decisions. Data indicated the branded beef needed a clearer logo and marketing statement to compete in the global meat case. “Nintei” means certified in Japanese. Shifting the Japanese logo to read “Nintei Angus Beef” helps shoppers easily identify that the logo means that if it’s not certified, it’s not the best.

Research conducted domestically with multi-cultural and ethnic consumers shows 80% of shoppers recognize the brand’s logo, across all ethnicities. The logo also scored the highest when asked about the quality of the Certified Angus Beef ® brand versus other premium Angus choices.

“We want to adjust our messaging to fit each individual consumer’s needs and drive them to a meat case or a restaurant that sells our beef,” Charbine says. “Our Spanish website isn’t only for our partners in Latin America, it’s for our domestic partners to engage their customers, too.”

Asian market access signals opportunity for growth as the brand begins to establish a presence in China. With a growing upper-middle class that trusts high-quality brands, initial market research shows shoppers are enthusiastic about having delicious beef they can trust in the meat case.

Charbine says there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach for international partners.

“Every market is unique. What resonates with your consumers, culturally, personally and professionally? We will meet you there.”

As the brand grows, the international team I working to market the brand to a culturally diverse group of consumers, whether they are an ocean away or just down the road.

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