Chef Tour gives an in-depth, hands-on look at beef production

Any chef worth their salt knows how to cook a steak. Surprisingly, though, a large number of them have never set foot on a cattle ranch, nor, in some cases, even seen a live cow or steer in person.

Each year, the Certified Angus Beef ® brand takes a group of some of the finest chefs in the country on a trek out west, with a goal of diving into the throes of animal handling, feeding practices and overall cattle production.

This year, that group descended upon Amarillo, Texas, a region so rich with agriculture that it’s hard to find any natives who aren’t tied somehow to farm life. There, the chefs visited Olson Land & Cattle in Hereford, Cargill and Wrangler Feeders, where they got deep into the nuts and bolts of rearing cattle.

The result? A newfound respect for the time, effort and passion that goes into raising the high-quality beef that ultimately ends up on the plate in their restaurants.