For many of us, the special occasions in life call for celebrations that include two things: steak and cake.

Whether you’re marking a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion, or simply a ‘treat yourself’ craving on an average Tuesday night, Chef Elizabeth Karmel’s new cookbook, “Steak and Cake: More Than 100 Recipes to Make Any Meal A Smash Hit,” puts these celebratory meals at your fingertips.

Originally from North Carolina, Elizabeth Karmel, aka Grill Girl, is a nationally respected authority on barbecue, grilling and classic Southern food. Five years in the making, Karmel launched the cookbook on April 29 at a high-profile media event featuring, naturally, both steaks and cakes, at New York City’s BlackBarn restaurant.

As a recognized chef and culinary thought leader, Karmel’s passion for creating recipes has deep roots. In fact, the inspiration for her new cookbook began almost five years ago, when she first imagined a book that would give home cooks the inspiration to bring celebration foods, like steak and cake, into their homes.

Along with delicious cake recipes, readers will find the very best steak recipes featuring Certified Angus Beef ® brand cuts, as well as educational tips on beef selection and preparation.

To see more about the book, check out Karmel’s recent appearance on the TODAY Show.