On behalf of the Certified Angus Beef LLC Board of Directors, as we look back over another record-breaking year, it is with great pride we thank everyone who has a hand in it. What makes the Certified Angus Beef ® brand so uniquely successful are the many layers of the business that work in concert. Each derives great satisfaction in what they do, but also takes a positive interest in every other aspect of the supply chain. That common cause makes each of us an important part of the brand family. 

We have seen the rate of carcasses meeting all of the brand’s standards soar in the last few years from 17% to more than 30%. Angus farmers and ranchers, both registered and commercial, have embraced the continued production of high-quality Angus beef. We have been aggressive in using the tools available to us to produce more beef that meets the brand’s stringent specifications. Those standards, quality and consistency set it apart from any other branded beef on the market. Family ranchers have enjoyed the increased demand for high-quality Angus feeder cattle and registered Angus bulls, and will continue to produce more, and more superior, Angus cattle. 

What is so gratifying to ranching families is that the more we are able to produce, the more value our partners and staff are able to add to it. From the feeders, to the packers, to the many different layers that market the brand to consumers, all with the help of the brand’s expert staff, we say thank you!

The people I have met and interacted with these last several years have left a lasting impression on me, the brand’s board of directors, and the entire Angus community. It’s your commitment to the success of our product, and our drive to live up to those high expectations, that will keep the Certified Angus Beef ® brand the envy of every other branded beef program.  

As we move into the years ahead, I am confident in the continued success and growth of our business, and yours. 

David Dal Porto

Oakley, Calif.

Chairman, 2017-18 Certified Angus Beef LLC Board of Directors