Asheville, N.C. – Sept. 25, 2019 – Prime Cincinnati was named the Steakhouse of the Year by the Certified Angus Beef  ® brand. The award was presented at the brand’s Annual Conference, held Sept. 23-25, in Asheville, N.C. Brand partners at the conference, including meat processors, distributors, chefs, retailers and cattle ranchers, explored merchandising and marketing solutions to satisfy growing consumer demand for great-tasting beef.

Located in the city’s downtown, Prime Cincinnati offers customers a place to celebrate and enjoy great-tasting steaks: Certified Angus Beef  ® brand Prime steaks. At each table, staff share a wooden cutting board of steaks, including dry-aged steaks, and explain the brand’s quality.

“The Prime Cincinnati experience is all about creating memories,” says Nelson Castillo, managing partner. “It’s all about how can we impact and be part of everybody’s day.”

A dedicated refrigerator in the restaurant is used to dry age the beef. Castillo, along with Shawn Heine, executive chef and managing partner, enjoy getting people to try the dry-aged steaks for the first time. Staff tastings and explanations about how the dishes are prepared build a passion for food among the entire staff, adding to their excitement about the Prime Cincinnati experience and the details they can share with customers as they choose their meals.

A popular destination for dinner, the restaurant also serves lunch in the city’s hub. The branded beef is ground in-house for burgers, which were crowd favorites during Cincinnati’s burger week celebration. Heine even dry ages certain beef cuts, namely the Certified Angus Beef  ® brand shoulder clod, just to be ground for burgers.

“With prime seafood and Certified Angus Beef  ® brand Prime, we believe, with our in-house dry-age program, that we are really bringing everything that we can to the table,” Heine says. “Our restaurant is all about hospitality, all about bringing the guests in and really catering to every need that they have.”

About the Certified Angus Beef ® brand

World renowned for its exceptional quality and generous marbling, the Certified Angus Beef ® brand is the original brand of premium beef. It was created over 40 years ago, in 1978, and is still owned today by family ranchers who are determined to bring the best Angus beef to the table through a gate-to-plate network that also includes meat companies, retailers and chefs. Ten exacting standards ensure the beef’s superior taste and tenderness in every bite. For more information, visit or follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.