The first season of MeatSpeak, the Certified Angus Beef ® podcast, launched in 2019 with beefy content: 30 episodes, 22 guests, and 60% of the season’s top downloads being from the 14 meat science episodes.

Meat geeks, farmers and ranchers, culinary personalities and those in the restaurant business listen in for captivating conversations led by Certified Angus Beef ® team members and guests.

Listeners leaned in to the science and butchery, making meat science a topic of priority for season 2. The next set of episodes launched on September 30 with the new co-host: meat scientist Diana Clark. She joins Bryan Schaaf and Chef Tony Biggs on the podcast’s meaty escapades.

“Chef Tony brings his culinary knowledge, Bryan shines as a storyteller and Diana’s passions for meat science and education make this a podcast you don’t want to miss,” says Paige Clayton, digital marketing specialist.

They take a deep dive into the what, why and how about all things beef on your favorite podcast platform.

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