Company Overview

The Certified Angus Beef ® brand is the original brand of premium beef, created in the 1970s and raised then and now by family farmers and ranchers.

While our commitment to quality, like our grassroots heritage, has never wavered, the brand’s impact has been dramatic since the very first pound of product was sold on Oct. 18, 1978, in Columbus, Ohio. In fiscal 2023, more than 1.227 billion pounds of product were marketed by more than 18,000 licensed partners in the United States and 50 countries around the globe.

Though our brand and position in the marketplace is unique, our mission is simple and unchanged: to support farmers and ranchers in rural communities through a brand of premium beef that offers consumers consistent quality, thereby creating demand and adding value for Angus cattle.

Our roots are in boots

  • A rancher-created, rancher-owned and rancher-run beef brand
  • A nonprofit subsidiary of the American Angus Association® owned by its more than 22,000 rancher members
  • Angus ranching families targeting the brand’s high standards have more options to market their cattle and maximize their income
  • Ranchers can earn $45 per head or more in grid premiums for cattle that qualify for the brand
  • Sales support local farming families and agricultural communities in every state and region

Always an original

  • The first branded beef program recognized and evaluated by the United States Department of Agriculture
  • Certified Angus Beef LLC has never owned cattle or product – just the brand’s quality specifications and trademarks
  • A network of quality-minded partners from gate to plate are licensed to promote and market beef that has earned the brand name and label
  • The only brand available from both national and single-source meat packers, offering the widest variety of choices for customers
  • Every pound of product is tracked from harvest to the consumer, ensuring the integrity of our product, logo and brand name

The global leader

  • Ninety-five percent of consumers recognize the brand name, and consumers rank our brand most often as the best among all grades, types and brands of beef*
  • More than 15,000 restaurants and grocery stores worldwide feature the brand
  • More than 6.6 billion (3 oz.) servings are enjoyed annually
  • International sales represented 15 percent of total sales
  • Fiscal 20232 was the third-best year ever based on pounds sold

*2016 consumer research, Firebox Research & Strategy, Phoenix, Ariz.