A community linking farm gate to dinner plate

Farmers and ranchers – hardworking families who bring you their best every day – are the foundation of the beef community. Vacations are rare, as caring for cattle is not just a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year commitment, but a valued way of life. Some Angus ranchers specialize in purebred Angus, improving genetics so that beef quality is literally in their herds’ DNA. Others raise commercial herds, helping cows raise calves in grass-filled pastures. Cattle feeders ensure animals receive balanced nutrition as they reach their growth potential, and meat packers and processors play a vital role in delivering this high quality beef to market.

Distributors can distinguish their businesses by using their expertise to bring added value to their beef customers, through custom sourcing, packaging, processing, cutting or aging programs. Chefs and restaurateurs rely on the brand as a canvas on which they can apply their creativity, delighting their patrons and encouraging return business. And, of course, many families enjoy beef at mealtime, which they buy from trusted local grocery stores and butchers.

Every link in the chain, from those who raise cattle on the farm to families gathering around the table, represents a community of people who value quality and integrity, and benefit from the brand’s steadfast high standards and one another’s efforts.

A commitment to higher standards

The brand community shares values that define our passion for excellence. They represent our standards of quality, of care and of leadership:

  • Cattle care: Not just responsibilities, care and respect for cattle are ingrained into the lives and characters of ranchers and others across our community.
  • Next generation: We believe empowering and educating the next generation paves the way for continued excellence and relevance across the beef community.
  • Community: Our team and families are encouraged to support their communities in ways meaningful to them, and are backed by a supportive work environment and holistic commitment to wellness.
  • Environment: We appreciate that Mother Nature and the land are integral to our way of life, and we are committed to be responsible stewards of our resources.