Limits on labor in restaurants and grocery stores met with shoppers seeking prepared and ready-to-cook items led value-added products to a new annual record. The 40.7 million pounds sold marked a 6.3% increase, with gains in 15 of 23 product categories—especially fully cooked briskets, shaved steak and beef bacon.

“This record-setting year can be attributed to the committed existing partnerships the brand has with processors around the world,” says Brett Erickson, director of prepared and packaged solutions for Certified Angus Beef. “The strength in these relationships and the vested interest these partners have in the brand is how we will keep growing.”

He notes that case-ready and ground beef sales will continue to support the brand’s prepared and packaged solutions division alongside value-added products as businesses look to fill labor shortages.

“We see many opportunities for prepared and packaged solutions as we continue to grow with current partners and look forward to connecting with new ones in the next year,” Erickson says.

Part of that plan includes identifying processors internationally and supporting licensed partners in their markets. Certified Angus Beef will keep looking at where value-added products can help expand market reach.

“This is how we help our partners differentiate themselves with the best quality,” Erickson says.

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