Fox & Friends Prime Rib Day
Prime rib is the king of all beef roasts, so it seems only fitting that it has its own holiday. Whether you’re celebrating National Prime Rib Day (April 27), or any day you want to enjoy this majestic feast, Certified Angus Beef ® brand Senior Corporate Chef Michael Ollier shared expert tips for buying, preparing and serving prime rib on “Fox & Friends.”

Some key takeaways:

– Prime rib is a rib (or ribeye) roast and is the same cut as ribeye steaks. The difference is when it’s cut and how it’s prepared. Prime rib is left whole, traditionally roasted, and then sliced; ribeye steaks are sliced first, then grilled.

– Prime rib doesn’t necessarily mean a Prime grade of beef. USDA graders rate the quality of beef from lesser quality Select (with little marbling and less flavor) to Choice (marbling, flavor and tenderness) to the very best: Prime (ample marbling, exceptional flavor and tenderness). For the record, beef must be among the best of the Choice grade, or Prime, in order to be considered for the Certified Angus Beef ® brand label.

– Prime rib is most often roasted in the oven, but more and more chefs and avid cooks are turning to grills or smokers. It’s delicious any way you slice it.

– Roasting prime rib can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the process, but the brand’s free Roast Perfect app takes out all of the guesswork. Cooks can choose the size of their roast and their preferred degree of doneness, and the app’s interactive timer delivers step-by-step prompts for perfect results every time.