Cooks—even experienced ones—may not be confident when it comes to roasting, given the potential time and expense at stake. Food & Wine writer Chris Quinlin highlights the Certified Angus Beef ® brand’s free Roast Perfect app as a solution that “removes the guess work and makes it easy to make foolproof holiday roasts at home.”

The app, developed by a culinary team led by Michael Ollier, the brand’s senior corporate chef, answers consumers’ questions about roasting, including how long to roast, how to achieve the perfect doneness and how long to rest roasts before carving. Also detailed is the development and testing process, in which more than 1,000 pounds of roasts, representing a full range of cuts and weights, were cooked to different degrees of doneness. Every data point was tracked in a series of spreadsheets, which became the framework behind the app’s interactive features.

In addition, cooks can view a variety of instructional videos, chef-developed and tested recipes for both roasts and side dishes, as well as a guide to choosing the perfect cut and a portion-size calculator.

For those who prefer pot roasts (braised roasts) to oven roasts, Roast Perfect also includes a selection of cuts and instructions for braising.

Roast Perfect is free and available on iTunes and Google Play.

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