Jeremy Umansky, executive chef of Cleveland's Larder Delicatessen and Bakery, was named one of Food and Wine magazine's "Makers," recognzied for his unique, koji-cured pastrami sandwich, prepared exclusively with Certified Angus Beef ® brand brisket. As Food and Wine notes, "like everything at Larder, there's more to this sandwich than meets the eye."

Pastrami usually spends three weeks in a salt brine to take on the very best flavors possible, but Umansky speeds the process up to three days by using koji, which is also used in miso, soy and sake, thereby offering more food enthusiasts the opportunity to taste his creation on a regular basis. Like most classic pastrami sandwiches, Umansky serves his on fresh rye bread; his is paired with a custom vinegar mustard prepared from scraps in Larder's nearly zero-waste kitchen. 

Umansky says his grandmother, a Kosher caterer, is the inspiration behind his modern take on the classic Jewish deli favorites he grew up with. 

Food and Wine notes its "Makers" issue is dedicated to celebrating "game-changing craftspeople who are reshaping cuisine in America and abroad by redefining ingredients, drinks, tools, restaurant design and experiences."

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