Carla Di Lorenzo: it’s a name you should remember. The up-and-coming chef and butcher, along with her restaurant Los Tanitos, was recently featured in the “Food & Wine” edition of Miami Herald‘s Indulge magazine.

As someone who was immersed in the restaurant industry as a child, Di Lorenzo brings that experience and her Argentinian culture to Miami’s food scene—one that’s often described as a melting pot. Whether it’s her signature empanadas or perfectly prepared Certified Angus Beef ® brand steaks, Di Lorenzo’s passion for food flavors each bite.

Not only does she execute one of the more diverse menus in Miami, but Di Lorenzo also takes pride in the meat fabrication aspect of the business. Whereas many chefs order pre-cut steaks and chops, Di Lorenzo enjoys breaking down primals herself, especially beef. Her choice is the Certified Angus Beef ® brand: she notes, “Los Tanitos Restaurant & Meat Market stands by it all the way.”

Read the full Indulge “Food & Wine” issue here, or learn about Los Tanitos.