Chef Tony Biggs creates sushi for meat lovers

Chef Tony Biggs has traveled all over the culinary world — experiences that have taken him from cooking on an oil rig in the icy North Sea, to preparing cuisine for royalty in the Middle East, to the Far East, where he spent years learning ancient Asian cooking techniques.

Since landing back in America, the culinary explorer has been putting his creativity and acumen to the test, finding unique avenues to incorporate premium beef in cuisine that’s not traditionally known for it.

Like, say, sushi. Chief among its traditional ingredients, Chef Tony will confirm, is sushi rice: Japanese short grain white rice, spiked with a touch of rice vinegar.

But beyond that, ingredients are limited only by your creativity. Typically, that’s included some type of sushi-grade salmon or tuna, or perhaps imitation crab for the less adventurous. Vegetables like cucumber, carrot and/or avocado, depending on your preference, often play a role as well.

But Chef Tony keeps the emphasis on turf, not surf: specifically, thinly sliced raw Certified Angus Beef ® prime strip steak. It’s chilled, making it easier to slice ultra thin. He then wraps the rice and other ingredients with nori, in the same fashion as typical sushi.

The result, for those willing to take the plunge? Imagine a multitude of sushi flavors, but with a beefy, almost tartare-like finish. It’s a bold, new take on a traditional favorite.